"I am super thrilled to be writing this review. I’ve been with Shaun for seven months now and have leveled my life tenfold. I reached out for workout/meal plan coaching. What He provided was a total package life coaching experience. From what and when to eat the perfect combos of food that helped power my workouts (customized by him for My goals). Now over 40 pounds melted away, strong and more powerful. He taught me to have a better relationship with food. As well, mentally and spiritually I’m a better person now from his guidance and support. Which he is literally always there to help, a message away and he responds with the quickness. On our weekly calls we took a dive into my life and he quickly found ways to enhance myself little by little day after day. Tweaks here and there to ultimately steer my ship in the right direction,

into the storm, to become a better man, husband, and father.

Easily the best choice I’ve made for my life, contacting The Viking."

-Josh M

"I made a News Year resolution for 2021 that I was going to take better care of myself and be selfish as I am the one always taking care of everyone else. I had been following Shaun on Instagram for awhile. I love how honest and no bull shit kinda guy he is so when he announced he had some openings for coaching available I took that as my sign to get on the right path. And let me tell you this was the best decision I had made in a long time. Of course I wanted to lose weight but with Shaun it's much more. He helped me with my mind, body, and soul. He got me out of my comfort zone but was always there for support. I'm still learning everyday and will use the tools and resources I have to make the best version of me. I am so grateful for finding Shaun and taking that leap to better myself. I don't know if I will ever be able to express in words how much I appreciate everything Shaun has done for me. "

-Lisa Morris

"I took Shaun's 25 to life program with my best friend at the end of 2019 and it was an eye opening experience. The program is great and filled with a group of amazing individuals who want a better life not only for the weight loss but for just being a better version of your authentic self. There are group discussions on the FB support page and is filled with genuine people, Shaun included. I highly recommend doing it with a friend which will keep you both focused and motivated. Shaun's daily challenges and words of encouragement are not meant to offend anyone as he is blunt and straightforward and to the point and wants you to be the best you! I've also used Shaun for a couple of one on one sessions as well. I have a before and after photo and with the help of the 25 to Life I've lost about 30lbs and have kept it off for a good solid year even during and after the "pandemic" I'm definitely a better version of me and a happier version too. I'm still on my journey and still able to access the 25 to life programs when I start to struggle.

What are you waiting for?"

-Michael K.

"I’m living through a radical period of transformation at the moment, both physically and more importantly, mentally. The two go hand in hand, in my opinion. What I've discovered on this journey is that unless you master your mind, nothing, and I mean NOTHING else will fall into place, EVER…. I could work out 24/7/365, but if I can’t conquer that ultimate summit in my head, I will never see lasting results in any area of my life… To that end, I hired a life coach towards the end of 2020, the one and only Shaun Zimmer who has worked with me (VERY patiently, I might add) to restructure my life, top to bottom these past several months. What I love about the guy is that he’s a true partner in the process, as opposed to some order barking general. He doesn’t denigrate, nor does he think he’s above any of his clients, though in truth he is, as would be obvious to anyone who takes a glance at his photos or follows him on social media (which I HIGHLY suggest you do). The man truly practices what he preaches, and we have focused on dialing in the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of life... I’m NOWHERE close to being in this guy’s league…YET. But, I’m working my ASS off to get there. I’m eating cleaner than I EVER have in my life, and aside from the occasional special occasion(s) with special people in my life, I don't stray from the plan, and even when I do, I do so in moderation. I'm also working out MUCH harder than ever before, but in a more structured, smarter way to maximize results for the long haul in all areas of my life; mind, body, spirit, relationships and business. 2021 is my year of transformation in every conceivable area. It's both daunting and exhilarating at the same time. I've never been the best I could be. My goal, before I check out, is to reach my peak and KNOW it to my core so that on my way out, I can say...Been there done that. 

Thank you Shaun for helping me so much along this journey!”

-Eiric Baardsen

“I worked with Shaun when I didn’t know where to start. I had let myself go and Shaun helped me realize it was ok because the past is the past but the now is the now. Not only does he help on the fitness side but it’s so much more than that when you’re working with Shaun.

You can tell he truly cares about helping you become the best you that you can be”

-Justin Pease

"I signed up with Shaun’s program “25 to Life” a few years back when in a dark place. I am still a work in progress but; with Shaun’s guidance I was able to become a more self disciplined person, and held myself more accountable when trying to reach goals. I have learned to set higher standards in my life in terms of physical and mental health as well as who I surround myself with. Even after completing the program Shaun has continuously been a supportive and inspiring mentor in my life, who I would now even consider a friend. Shaun’s ability to get you to think outside the box, in order to achieve your lifestyle goals is amazing, I am always learning from him! I am consistently gaining more confidence and continuing to improve my life even after completing the program! I am so happy to have found Shaun,

and can’t wait to join his new programs once they roll out!"

-April Bodnarchuk

Thanks to Shaun my life has become more structured and I've implemented daily habits that help me become less stressed. I used to plan way too many things and at the end of the day I would feel stressed out and unfulfilled. I now feel much better about my accomplishments and I'm enjoying the process. Shaun has also helped me with making some big decisions in my life. I'm 100% I wouldn't have had the same amount of clarity if it hadn't been for you and probably would still be in the same place.

- Conny Loonstra