The events, experiences, & lessons that are told within this book are raw and real; they are ugly, they are beautiful, they have shaped a lost, insecure, ego driven man from a tool of destruction and unknowing evil to a man of good, a man of purpose, strength, and character.  A once selfish man without empathy to a caring, selfless man that protects, provides, and leads the way to all that come his way; a man of men, a man of masculinity.


This is my story and the life lessons that come with it.  A story of learning the hard way, a story of making almost all the wrong mistakes, and still coming out on top.  A story of resilience, perseverance, a story of love, a story of how one man found himself, and the secrets he discovered along the way.


From living on the streets to living behind bars to living on top of the world; I’m excited to share my view with you and give you practical take away lessons that will help you create the life you want; a purposeful life full of belonging, whether you’re single or hitched, rich or poor; a life worth living.  At the very least, you’ll enjoy taking a seat next to me on one wild ride into the authentic, true stories of my journey through criminal activities, spicy affairs, addictions, love, hate, success, failure, rock bottom, totally lost to now found; finding true happiness, true belonging and true understanding.


That’s what we all want right? Isn’t that what we are truly here for? Happiness?!?

Feeling like we belong?

Feeling free?


 -Shaun Zimmer